Farm Week: When It Rains, It Pours

July 2013

“Farm Week” is a collection of daily posts recapping a summer of Farm Dinners…


Table and Chairs

On average, there are 160 sunny days per year in Pittsburgh, PA [unless the internet is completely lying to me]. This statistic is reason enough to take a Vitamin D supplement. It is also reason enough to be outdoors whenever the sun is shining, adding even more appeal to a Sunday Farm Dinner.

The Table Before

As beautiful as that table was, extending into a horizon of bright blue dotted with puffy, cotton-candy clouds, the teetering conditions of the sky very quickly reminded us of the reverse side of that statistic. Pittsburgh is a rainy city.

Rainy Plates

Pittsburgh soaks up approximately 37 inches of rain per year! Inevitably, rain and the farm dinners had to collide at some point, and this was the collision Sunday. As it turned out though, the rain did little to dampen spirits.

Take Cover

Though it did dilute the cocktails, or rather, it gave us an excuse to top off our drinks quickly…

Rain Diluted Beers

Under the canopy of trees, we waited, but the rain showed no signs of ceasing.

Rain Came

In a really impressive, impromptu, on-their-toes approach, the Cure team devised a Plan B. To the tool barn!

Rain Diluted

This dampened dinner reinforced the casual, communal nature of these gatherings. Rather than complaints and grumbles, there was laughter to be heard.

Rainy Chairs

Diners ducked under umbrellas or trees to help move place settings. They grabbed towels to dry chairs and glasses. They squeezed onto a porch, and they ate off coolers and adirondack chairs.

Rainy Cutlery

They did all of that without complaint because the food was worth it!

Crostini to Start

mustards, pickles, crostini

Dill Flowers Served

Laurel Hills Farm Smoked Trout
garden beans, spalla, pickled shallot, golden crumb, goat feta, dill flowers

Meat Tray

pickled zucchini, golden raisin- hazelnut soffritto

Wet Chef

smoked spelt berries, peaches, bacon, pesto, frisee

Pennsylvania Cheeses (not shown)
blackberries, blueberries, candied nuts, honey olive oil


When It Rains It Pours

When it rains, it pours [rosé], so really, how could we complain? In the end, this will probably be the farm dinner we all remember the most!

Umbrella Couple

Farm Dinner series by Justin Severino & Cure Restaurant
White Oak Farm
Allison Park, PA

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