Cold Brew Coffee With A Frothy Top

August 2013

For the fanatical, there is only espresso. The shots arrive at the coffe bar, in the same tiny mugs, month after month. For those of us who fluctuate somewhere between fanatical and discerning [picky], the seasons and coffee consumption change in harmony. The winter’s frothy milk matches the mounds of snow beyond frosted windows. The spring brings that decisively warm moment when the order includes ice. With such a fall crispness looming in the air lately, it’s worth sipping and savoring a cold brew or two before ice is what motivates us to hibernate.

Cold Brew Frothy Top

While you’re on the cold brew page of the coffee book, take your caffeine consumption one step further with a great texture trick I learned from Buddy Brew Coffee in Tampa, Florida…

Add approximately 2 Tablespoons of high quality, freshly ground (coarse) coffee for every 6 ounces of cold water in a large jar. Refrigerate the jar overnight.

Pour the quantity you prefer to drink through a strainer into a cocktail shaker. Add your desired fixins (milk, cream, sugar, etc). Add 2-3 small ice cubes and shake vigorously until the cocktail shaker is chilled.

Pour into a glass. Ideally, you’ll pour your brew over fresh ice made with cold brew coffee, in which case, discard the ice from the shaker.

Sip & enjoy the warmer times while they last!


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