Instagram Lately: Going To See A Man About A Boar

July 2013

Q: How often do you get to play middlelady in a boar transaction?
A: Not often enough!

Wandering around one of my favorite flea markets, I happened to spy a boar’s head, which made me think of this guy! I had hardly finished tagging him in an instagram of said stuffed beauty, when my phone rang and a serious voice said, “I want it. How much?” I’d like to tell you I strong-armed the vendor into a great rate, but… you know what… f*&k it, I am going to tell you I strong-armed the vendor into a great rate because that is a great story! That’s a story for the grandkids.

About a Boar

From flea market to farm dinner, with a boar in between! That was a pretty successful Sunday.

What tall tales have your instagrams told lately?

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