How Bloggers Made Bon Appetit’s Plum Semifreddo [insert a series of excited obscenities here]

August 2013

To say I hold Bon Appétit magazine on a pedestal is an understatement. Color me content when I arrive home to see the beautiful magazine curled in my mailbox. I retrieve it, pour a cup of coffee, curl in my window-lit chair and pour over the cleanly styled images.

In a moment of personal triumph, in which I managed to plunge beyond oogling to making, I prepared my own version of the magazine’s plum semifreddo. Due to an obvious oversight, my version was a beet semifreddo. Long after my last melty bite, I happened to track a picture from Bon Appétit’s facebook page to their feature “Bloggers Cook BA.” While lamenting the fact that I hadn’t submitted my own rendition, I continued to click and arrived at a very familiar photo- my own! What followed was a series of internal expletives and surely some very stupidly excited facial expressions… something along the lines of “HOLY F&*KING S%&t YOU GUYS! I’M ON BON APPÉTIT!”

Bon Appetit Bloggers Cook BA

I was ecstatic!

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  1. beezuskiddo (@beezuskiddo)

    I actually tore this page out because I want to try it. I plan to make it for Thanksgiving. Sounds like it was a hit!

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