Prettier When Purple? (Purple Basil Caprese)

July 2013

The Oxford English Dictionary describes purple as a deep, rich shade between crimson and violet, an abstract territory most likely filled with what dusty, tattered pages and faded ink would refer to as “intrigue” and “romantic exploits.”

Prettier When Purple

Amidst the boldly colored, mostly wordless pages of my preschool days, there was a boy who paired a red bandana with a purple shirt [his mother did this, I know], and my little, preschool heart swooned in a BIG way. That color combination was never the same for me again.

Prettier When Purple 02

Whether romantic in an intriguing way or romantic in an innocent way, there is something about purple. When it comes to edibles, purple can make a classic quite pretty! This is simple, summer eating at its beautiful best!

Local purple basil
Cherry Tomatoes
Fresh mozzarella in herbs & olive oil (drizzle that oil onto the salad)
Grated pecorino cheese
Splash of balsamic

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