Local Bounty: First Farmers Market of the Year!

May 2013

There is something to be said for waking up early on a spring Saturday. It feels as if the sunshine, the birds and the breeze are entirely your own. There is more to observe and less to distract. So it was on a spring Saturday, I woke up early and took a quiet walk through my still sleepy neighborhood, down the tree-lined hill and across a weathered bridge, to a part of town where many had been awake for hours. A bell clanged, and the farmers market officially opened!

Farmers Market Finds

The Farmers at the Firehouse is one of my favorite Pittsburgh markets. The first to offer mostly organic and naturally certified foods, there is an extra comfort in shopping there. The farmers care about their products and their displays. Buying asparagus is like buying a pretty present for yourself.

Making Minty Tea

The return walk up the tree-lined hill was a hot one, so the local bounty quickly became a fresh glass of minty sweet tea. The French sorrel later accented a pesto & cheese sandwich on the honey sunflower bread. The rhubarb became a juice and a crisp (recipe to come). The asparagus topped salads and served as a simple side dish.

Mint Tea

This is just the beginning! A whole summer of local bounty and changing flavors awaits!

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