Juice of the Week: Drink Your Rhubarb!

May 2013

The neighbor’s white garage was just beyond my parents’ large, garden plot. Tall grasses usually edged its stucco surface, but at the right time of year, bursts of rhubarb reds interrupted those greens. The neighbors would donate the red stalks to my mom, and resourcefully, she would convert the gift into crisps, crumbles, cakes and pies. I don’t recall my parents ever growing their own rhubarb, but we always had a supply. Perhaps the neighbors feigned naivete in an elaborate plan to partake in my mom’s famed baked goods. As spring comes, I naturally begin to crave that tart accent in my desserts.

Orange Rhubarb 01

Recently, I’ve seen the application of rhubarb extend quite a bit from cocktail syrups to a pork belly topping. However, I would never have thought to juice it until a friend told me the ingredients of the lovely, lightly pink juice she was drinking- rhubarb!

Orange Rhubarb 02

As it turns out, rhubarb juice contains high doses of minerals such as phosphorus, potassium, sodium, zinc and copper, as well as vitamins such as B-complex (according to this article). Don’t forgo the crisps, crumbles, cakes and pies, but do set aside one stalk for a new juicing experience!

Rhubarb Juice
makes about 1 quart

2 lbs organic carrots
1 stalk of local rhubarb
1 Fuji apple
2 organic oranges, peeled

Juice of the Week documents my goal to drink fresh juice daily (made in batches weekly).

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  1. nbarbuto

    can i buy juice from you? What if i stop by early in the am? 🙂

  2. What a great juice! I know that we can use rhubarb like a vegetable but never thought of juicing it. Definitely on my list to try this.

  3. Billy Dinsmore

    Can I buy rhubarb juice from a grocery store

    1. withthegrains

      I’ve never seen rhubarb juice in the grocery store. That’s part of why the idea to juice it was so striking to me.

    2. Michael Maher

      If you find a place that sells rhubarb juice let me know … MYCULL@hotmail.com

  4. Jade Jones

    I used half the amount of carrot and about x3 the amount of rhubarb as you could not taste the rhubarb at all even with half the amount of carrot

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