An Arrested Development Themed Birthday

May 2013

April 29th was my Special One’s Birthday. There was a cake, but that was just a small token to mark the day. The real festivity came about a week later. People who know me know that I love themes and birthdays! People who know my Special One know he can just about quote Arrested Development verbatim. Put two and two together, and you get a birthday ode to one of our all time favorite shows just in time to build up even more anticipation for the coming sequel. The theme started with the present…

The Custom Bag

Homemade wrapping paper made from the gift’s packaging paper…

Custom Banana Stand Wrapping

Finding these glasses on etsy made me as happy as Lindsay Bluth on Teamocil! Why have I not been shopping for EVERY gift on etsy?!? My Special One has a habit of leaving glasses all over the apartment. He has repeatedly told me if he had one, distinct glass, this would no longer be a problem. How about one distinct glass with an analrapist on it? Win win!

Tobias Banana Stand

Steve Holt Gob Bluth

and something to squeeze into the glasses- “Give my son the juice!”

Give My Son The Juice

Plus something for a rainy day- Arrested Development paper dolls by artist Kyle Hilton.

Bluth Family Paper Dolls

Tobias Banana Paper Dolls

Steve Hol Gob Paper Dolls

The theme carried into the birthday dinner menu:

Pulled Pork w/ Fried Plantains
(an ode to the Bluth’s Banana Stand and a more appetizing nod to Lindsay’s ham water)

Warm Escarole & Shrimp Salad
(I wasn’t about to make a seal dish, so I figured a seafood side would suffice)

Cornballs & Spicy Remoulade
(an ode to George Bluth’s Cornballer)

Banana Stand Cheesecake

Arrested Development inspired recipes to follow in subsequent posts. Stay tuned!

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