My Special One’s Choice- Penn Ave Fish Company

April 2013

When it comes to his birthday dinner (or a birthday observed dinner in the case of busy schedules), I like to make dinner (and dessert!) for my Special One. However, in the case of lunch, it’s ok to treat him and let someone else prep his birthday meal. Thus the choice was his, and he chose Penn Avenue Fish Company because, as you may recall, he really loves sushi (and I really love him!).

Penn Ave Fish Market

Situated in the Strip District, the restaurant’s industrial interior feels a lot like you’re wandering amongst the fish mongers of an early morning market. The quality of the fish also evokes a fresh market. It’s all the perks without the overwhelming smell of a fish market.

Penn Ave Fish Mrkt Salmon Sandwich

Sneaky Pete
Grilled salmon on whole grain ciabatta with fresh arugula, hearts of palm and spicy avocado crẻme sauce

Pro: The Sneaky Pete is a perfect sandwich. Avocado and salmon together are one of my favorite combinations, and I obviously appreciate a whole-grain bread.

Con: I ordered the Sneaky Pete the first time I went to the restaurant, and I haven’t been able to stray from it. Just when I’m about to pronounce a different fish sandwich’s name, I find myself saying, “I’ll have a ‘Sneaky Pete’ please!”

Luckily, my Special One and I believe in sharing & caring and family style for just about every meal to date. Thus I was able to combine creature comforts with menu meandering and a whole lot of sushi sampling!

Penn Ave Fish Mrkt Sushi

For the review of this sushi, I defer to the birthday fella, who has a LOT of experience with chopsticks, soy sauce and depleting the ocean of its sushi grade fish. “I think this is my favorite place for sushi in the city. It’s really good quality fish at a great price, and it’s not masked by potent flavors that hide the fish quality and cost a fortune.”

There you have it!

P.S: We still really love Fukuda too!

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