Bourbon Blondies for Battles

March 2013

The world can be deliciously small if you make it so. This lesson was reiterated to me via the enormous scope of Twitter. My ever talented, tweeting pal, Johnny Battlesgraced my mailbox with his Sweeteeth chocolate wonders. Receiving snail mail is a welcomed surprise. Receiving a box full of chocolate makes you feel like this kid.

Dear Sir Battles

In a very poor display of promptness, I took my sweet time in putting together a return package of sweets. It may have taken a New Year’s resolution to send more snail mail and a week in between an old job and a new job, but I finally, finally, finally put the US Postal system to work!

Bourbon Blondies for Battles

Johnny Battles is a gentleman of the south, so a splash or bourbon was in order a la bourbon blondies.

Cut The Mustaches

Taking that southern gent idea one step further, and one or two dips in dark chocolate later…

Mustache Stacks

Bourbon blondie mustaches!

From WTG

I may have snagged one for my own antics…

Mustache Twins

So here’s to you, Johnny! For your creative chocolate titles and chocolate mail mastery, two thumbs up (with at least one of those thumbs holding up a ‘stache)!

This Side Up

To make your own mustaches, follow this recipe with the bourbon of your choice (1792 in this case), cut creatively and then dip in melted chocolate.

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