St. Patrick’s Day Brunch

March 2013

Some people are really into St. Patrick’s Day. Like this neighbor par example…

Festive Partaker

I’m not into St. Patrick’s Day in the green beer and bar crawl kind of way, but I do believe in holiday inspired brunches! I also believe in bubbly, warm bread and vegetables to combat very gray days in [supposed] spring.

St Patty's Table

I also believe in sharing all that with my special one!

Muddled Pear Toast

Saint Patrick’s Day Brunch

Muddled Pear Mimosas
Whole-wheat Irish Soda Bread w/ Irish Butter & Apricot Jam
Individual Quiches o’ Greens
Coffee w/ Whiskey Whipped Cream

(recipes to follow in subsequent posts)

Individual Quiche of Greens

May the luck of brunch be with you!

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