Pop Tarts & Sweet Potato Hash for a Brunch With Nicole

March 10

A great interview debrief question is, “would you be able to spend a layover with that candidate?” meaning, do you think you’d enjoy his or her company, even in a frustrating situation?

Pop Tart Brunch Table

The job that taught me that debrief question is also the job that added so many amazing friendships to my life! The catch to working with friends, however, is sometimes you forget just to be friends- to go on outings or grab coffee and just talk about friend things, not work things. As I prepared to leave the job that taught me more than I can even put into words yet, it was an apt time to sit down for a simple friend morning with one of my bests!


Apple Cider Bellinis

1 pint apple cider
1 orange, sliced
2-3 dates, sliced
Dash of nutmeg

Combine apple cider, orange slices and dates in a saucepan over medium-high heat. Bring to a boil. Reduce heat, and simmer until reduced slightly. Chill. Serve with Prosecco.

Table and Pop Tarts

One perk of said work place was a kitchen stocked with healthy snacks. In that kitchen, we learned of two of Nicole’s vices- all natural maple pop tarts and cane sugar root beer. I had long since made promises for a homemade version, so by golly, I owed the girl her pop tarts!

PopTart Plate

Pop tart and sweet potato hash recipes to come! Many more friend activities to come too!

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