An Amelie Anniversaire: Le Photomaton (DIY Photobooth)

February 2013

Channeling Amelie
Photo by my friend Dana Leigh Dolney

The cause for celebration was my very first ever 29th birthday (evidence suggests 29 is a birthday one can repeat a few times). The theme was one of my favorite French films: Le Fabuleux Destin d’Amélie Poulain, and the venue was Assemble, an amazing community space for art and technology. I filled that amazing space with wonderful friends, tables of wine and cheese, the beautiful sounds of an accordion, projected scenes from the film, and most importantly for an Amélie Themed Anniversaire

Quelcy and Jono and Photomaton
Photo by my friend Amanda El-Tobgy

… A PHOTOBOOTH (inspired by Design Sponge’s New Year’s Bash)! One printed sign, one red curtain, one hand-painted backdrop (inspired by the movie poster), one iPad, one iPad tripod connector, and one app later, the small room in the back of the amazing venue transformed into a photomaton (because it was a French photobooth after all). Preserved in the time of the film, 4 photos still cost 20 francs.


The props included moustaches, a camera (like the one little Amélie uses in this scene), polka dotted frames and French speech bubbles. The rest was just the magical antics of my friends!

Photostrip 02

Photostrip 03

Photostrip 01

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