A Warm Start To A Cold Day

January 2013

Brunch is my favorite meal for a few reasons. There’s the balance of sweet and savory. There’s a warm mug to sip as the day progresses lazily from morning, to mid-morning, to afternoon. There are shared plates with my Special One. There’s no rushing for work because brunch is a weekend embrace!

9 Grain Breakfast and Fixings

I love brunch so much I often forget the origina of the br- prefix, ie: Breakfast! Then a snowy weekend comes along, leaving everyone sequestered in their respective snowy corners, and it reminds me, maybe I could start the day with just the breakfast part?

Warm Breakfast Cold Day

A hot, multigrain cereal is made for those sorts of snowy, solitary mornings. With the addition of salty pecans, sweet maple syrup and a touch of milk, a warm multigrain cereal is like the best of brunch in one bowl. Might I recommend a bowl of Bob’s Redmill 8-grain cereal to start your snowy morn? I’d also suggest a lovely mug of Lady Grey with honey and milk, sipped ever so slowly. Then maybe take your camera for a stroll, but be sure to wear some warm gloves!

More on that… to come!

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