A Cold Day (To Follow a Warm Start)

January 2013

View From Polish Hill

When all I have on my plate is painting, baking, wearing pjs and reading in front of my fire, I love the snow! On those days, a window view full of big, fluffy flakes is exciting and prompts me to put on my snow boots, hang my camera around my neck and take a trudge through the winter!

The Cold Destination

On those days when home is my only destination, I love the snow and all the ways it decorates my quirky neighborhood. The snow captures the waylaid wanderer and the poet of polar opposites. It preserves a dinner party in time. It salutes patriotically and leads to new discoveries down roads never before taken…

Polish Hill Poets

Winter Picnic Place

My New Pink Dream

(↑ this is my new favorite house!)

Minty Textures

Snowy Patriotism

Snowy Bridge

I especially love those snowy days when my home is the destination for others too! More on that to come, but for now, start your days with something warm and enjoy the white décor!

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