Some Loves Last Forever, Some Loves…Are Upgraded!

September 2012

I was running out the door- running late out the door- when I noticed an Amazon box. My heart fluttered, and I quickly dashed inside with the retrieved treasure.

My life changed when a dear friend lent me his Canon Rebel camera. Suddenly my creative endeavors were far more worthwhile because I could capture them in a meaningful way. After saving and saving, I bought my own Canon Rebel T1i, and it was one of the best investments I ever made. I truly loved that camera! After two plus years, I had the opportunity to sell my beloved camera to good hands- my own! I had been using my camera for my day job, and I figured they owed me for its wear and tear, so they bought my beloved, I stored it permanently at work, and I bought this new beauty- the Canon T4i!

It’s a new era, and it will be a long one as my next leap requires a lot more independent wealth than I have right now.

Stay tuned for the new and improved photoventures!

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