From Decor to Dinner: A Happy Harvest Tale

September 2012

There once was an occasion that called for a celebration, and that celebration became a dream. The harmonies of a violin and an accordeon filled the air. Candles flickered by a little stream. A lantern illuminated a docked rowboat. Fabrics fluttered in the breeze. Mingling created a pleasant hum. Plates of tiny delicacies were passed, and a little boxcar became a cafe with fancy cappuccinos and little desserts. It was a party I planned with a friend, and it was unlike anything we had ever created before.

The theme was a saltwater soiree, but the backdrop was the changing colors of fall. In a nod to the season, little squashes and gourds adorned the tables. The intention was for guests to add the fall offerings to their own gardens and tables, but some of the squashes were neglected in the end. As the seasons progressed toward winter, the squashes and gourds were set aside, ignored while they sat sadly in a corner of the yard. When the frost finally cleared, the little squashes were still standing, and one green-thumbed girl had a stroke of inspiration. She threw the neglected squashes into the dirt.

The days grew longer, and the sunlight stronger until summer was in full swing.

That’s when the abandoned decor became a happy harvest tale. The squashes emerged as a beautiful example of resilience.

Those sunny summer days began to change once again. It was time to think about roasting and pureeing and pie making.

The rest of this happy tale continued in various homes, where the colleagues each used the squashes to their liking. The sweet, little sun golds, however, never made it past the garden. They were too sweet and delicious to resist!

The end!

ps: Party photos by Adam Milliron.

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