The Pursuits of Picnics & A Life Less Complicated

July 2012

“Maintaining a complicated life is a great way to avoid changing it.” ~Elaine St. James

How very true.

The routines. The self-imposed business. The friends we don’t see. The little strolls forfeited.

Most of us have the opportunity to reclaim the moments that matter in the long run. As a blogger, this may be blasphemy, but sometimes…sometimes, you just have to turn off the computer, pack up something simple and meet a friend on a stoop.

The rest is a time to listen,to listen to each other and to listen to ourselves.  You’ll be surprised what you’ll hear, what you might contribute and what you’ll gain.

A beautiful picnic can be as simple as fresh cherries and coconut green tea on ice. The sunshine will add the glimmers, and beautiful friend will add just the right radiance.

Happy summer simplicity!

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