Dear WordPress, You Have Made Me A Very Happy Blogger!

Hello WordPressers,

I’m sure we all, as WordPressers, have shared a similar feeling and whimsy when logging into our blogs- the Freshly Pressed feature.  Oh to be a featured blog, to see one’s own image and blog name on the very pages of the platform that pushed us into the blogosphere!


Yesterday I couldn’t believe my eyes when I looked at my blog stats- in the thousands?!? Whaaaat happened?!?  Then I discovered my little avocados on the Freshly Pressed page (top right corner). My musings had finally come true, and so many witty, creative, talented bloggers left encouraging comments and praises.  There is still a smile filling my face from ear to ear!

In case you missed it, my featured Avocado Idea is here.

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  1. FoghornUnicorn

    Recently, I logged into my wordpress and saw a HUGE spike in the graphic stat… I was like HOT DANG! Then I thought to myself; “self, you sly dawg you, you have arrived! Start poppin’ the champagne and pourin’ it out for all your homies!” Turns out, I just made a bunch of muscle dudes confused and then I think they confused themselves into visiting my blog. Either way, I was happy for the spike and I shall keep my champagne toasts, posse construction, and yacht purchases for another day! All this to say when that happened I think I knew how you felt, in the slightest of ways. 😀 Congrats on your Fresh Press! How exciting!

    1. withthegrains

      Apologies for the delayed response, but I had to say, your story made me smile and chuckle to myself! I say… go for it! Just drink the champagne and pretend it all happened! 🙂

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