A New Way To Eat Avocados!

May 2012

I once went to high tea at a tea plantation in Kenya.  A gentle fog hung over the vivid, green, rolling hills and rows of tea-producing bushes.  Failing to factor in colonization, I was surprised when a very proper British woman greeted me.  However, I was even more surprised when her husband offered a warning before we departed, “take heed of the monkeys throwing avocados from the trees in the yard.”  What a thing to say! I stored that warning in the part of my head devoted to life dreams and aspirations.  I would very much love to offer that parting warning to my house guests one day, implying my home will be some place magical just like that Kenyan tea plantation. In the meantime, I can fiddle with different avocado eating methods in preparation for the abundant supply I might one day have.

For this “recipe,” think of the avocado as a blank slate or canvas.  The possibilities are endless!

For my first attempt, I used a combination of feta, crushed red pepper and fresh ground black peper. If your cheese choice isn’t too salty, I would add a dash of salt as well.

Fill up the void with local, free-range eggs. Next time, I’ll probably scoop out a bit more avocado to allow more egg room.

Bake in a cast iron skillet, at 425 °F for 15-20 minutes, depending on how you want your eggs.

I’m sure I’ll be experimenting with this simple and satisfying avocado method more, so if you’re short on ideas, stay tuned!

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  1. Wow, those look really amazing! What is the avocado like baked? I’ve never done anything like this with an avocado before.

    • Thanks! They were quite delicious. I’d definitely pair it with saltier accompaniments…maybe a slice of salmon or a saltier cheese. It’s much like eating avocado in an omelette. It may seem weird, but it does work!

      • Wow…Avocado in an omelette…interesting…as Rae said, I’ve never tried them cooked…I absolutely LOVE avocados though. I’m always interested in new combinations…

  2. Yumm, this looks so delicious! Nothing better than avocados and eggs, just haven’t put the two together before : ). Can’t wait to try this. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Wow! Wouldn’t that just lend immediate splendor to your residence if you could make a statement like that. I wish I had monkeys in my trees. I should also love to go to tea plantation in Kenya 🙂 Unfortunately all we have is a very noisy family of chickadees in our trees.
    Lovely looking avocados. Never would have thought of putting an egg in them.

  4. I love the story of the avocado-throwing monkeys! You’re right, what a great parting comment to be able to say to your guests (as long as they don’t actually get hit by an avocado – that could really hurt!). Cool blog you have here 🙂

  5. I find avocados to be a little non-descript in taste to be honest, but this recipe appears to feature some of my favourite foods! I’ll definitely be trying this one!

    • They can be for sure, and once you try them in a place that grows them, there’s a definite withdrawal and maybe a tear or two shed in the produce section of the grocery store. Hope this helps spark more of an affinity for you! Thanks for reading!

  6. This is a great idea. Being a vegetarian, I am constantly looking for new ideas that are quick and simple. Avocado is probably my most eaten food 🙂

  7. Just suggested this to my boyfriend. His response was, “Oh my god, that sounds amazing!” Considering that he’s a very picky eater, this is quite an accomplishment. Thanks for the recipe, and I hope you had fun in Kenya (I’m jealous). 🙂

    • Well if you do make it to Kenya, eat an avocado! And be careful with the monkeys! Hope your boyfriend enjoys! Mine was definitely enthusiastic about this green brunch treat.

  8. That is… intriguing. Eggs and avocados are two of my go-to breakfast foods, and I sometimes eat them together (as in on the same plate) but I’ve never had them together quite like that. Perhaps I’ll have to try your idea one day. (^_^)

  9. Avocado recipes like this make me sad that I’m starting to develop a sensitivity to them. I used to love eating them with black pepper and fresh lime juice or sliced with a little cream cheese on a slice of heavy, moist pumpernickel bread. Mmmm. Delicious and so satisfying!

  10. This is a great idea! I never would have thought to do this but since I’m always on the hunt for healthy recipes, I’m excited to try it out!

  11. Delish! Avocado, feta and eggs is one of my favourite breakfast combinations, so I’ll definitely be giving this a go.

    Congratulations on being Freshly Pressed, too!

  12. Interesting idea, but I have to say that the sight of cooked avocados is making me slightly nauseous. It’s similar in concept to slicing avocado and layering it on top of an omlette or inside one, however cooking the avocado itself with the egg seems strange.

  13. I had a similar experience and solved the issue by throwing eggs at the monkeys. I never got an avocado thrown at me after that–the monkeys were too busy licking eggs off each others coats. However, one monkey did come down and hand me an avocado which I then threw at him. We had a catch as good as that in the movie, Field of Dreams.

  14. I have an avo tree in my garden so often I’m lunching on avo, mixed up with lemon juice, salt and black pepper and smeared thickly over home-made sour dough bread 🙂

  15. thanks for the idea.. i’m looking forward to taste it.. but i dont have any oven 🙁 any alternative way?

    • Not even a toaster oven? A toaster oven could probably work. I don’t own a microwave, so I’m not sure if that would yield the same result. Friends tell me microwaved eggs are actually good, but it makes my stomach feel a bit weird just thinking about it. Ha! The other alternative is to show a friend who both likes avocados and has an oven, and then casually say, “oh hey, I happen to have an avocado, some eggs and cheese with me! Want to make this?!?”

  16. Thank you for sharing this recipe! I just cooked it for my partner and I for dinner, and we both enjoyed it. It was the first time we’d eaten baked avocado – interesting texture. Definitely adding more chilli powder next time 😀 Appreciate the opportunity to try something new, that’s healthy too!

  17. I have to confess that I “liked” this only because it was a unique idea/recipe and the pictures are great. The finished product is beautiful actually. That being said, you have just suggested combining two of my least favorite foods in the world. I can’t imagine anything worse at the moment really. Ha. I’m glad you liked it though and it certainly made for a lovely post. I’m sure many people will try it and find it yummy as well. Congrats on FP!

  18. You are absolutely brilliant! And so funny about taking heed of the monkeys!
    I stayed with some friends on Maui several years back. They had a huge avocado tree in their backyard. The avocados were softball size and dropped onto the roof and into the yard day and night. Eating them with every meal never got old…this would have been a perfect addition!

    • Thanks! The skins did not burn, but when I do this again, I will definitely carve out more space for the egg bc it’s hard not to have it overflow. It should be fine in a different pan- maybe even a muffin pan of some sort to keep the avocado propped better. It tends to be a little topsy turvy with the weight of the egg. Hope you enjoy!

  19. oh holy crap!!! This looks delicious. Thanks for posting. Mine will include bacon, or prehaps a bit more highbrow…proscutto…mmmmmm

  20. omg! I absolutely must try!! I love avocados! I eat them in sandwiches sometimes. Where I’m from (Trinidad) we also call them “Zaboca.” Some international trivia for you lol.

  21. Love the creativity, seems so simple yet completely unique. You hear stuffed tomato and pepper recipes all the time but not avocado. We love avocados at my house so this will give us some excellent inspiration to create avocado masterpieces!

  22. I just had avocado with milk for breakfast.That was a safe combination. Would love to try your interesting ways! Great post! 🙂

  23. congrats on FP. great post and I want to try this. by the way, since you like to hear that you are being read far and wide…I am writing from Israel 🙂

  24. Hmm. Very interesting. Me and my family love avocados, but don’t get them easily in the part of the world we live. But, whenever I could lay my hands on them, I indulge in making interesting ‘dips’. Do try them! Here goes my recipe:
    GuacamolalaGopal Dip (R)(TM)

    DISCLAIMER: This may sound like the original S. American Guacamole. But,
    this is very different.

    Ingredients (to serve 4 connoisseurs/gourmets/foodies)

    Fresh, reasonably ripe Avocado, 2 Nos
    (Avocados should not be soft/mushy to touch)
    Butter (salted/unsalted) 10 gms
    (You can also use diet butter and margarine too)
    Garlic (medium size clove) 1
    Ginger for taste
    Vinegar 2 tsp (Can use lemon juice instead, as in the original)
    Salt 1 tsp (Can use Black Rock Salt too)

    Olive oil 1 tsp
    Ground black pepper, a pinch
    Cinnamon powder, a pinch
    Coarsely ground nuts (peanut, cashew, almond, walnut, pistachio) 1 Tsp
    Sour cream 1-2 Tsp
    Curd/Yoghurt 3-4 Tsp (my daughters’ suggestion)

    [All of the above ingredients can be used together or in combination
    (like pizza toppings), as per the occasion and you can call it by a
    different name ;-)] Note: This recipe does not include tomatoes (as in
    the original), therefore, people susceptible to kidney stones can safely
    consume ;-).


    Take a small salad bowl (~1 litre capacity)
    Place the butter in the dish and press garlic with a garlic press (can
    also be mashed using a mortar and pestle).
    The same process for Ginger. Smooth the spiced up butter with a
    Wash the avocados, wipe them dry and split them length-wise (major axis
    of the ellipsoid), ensuring that the stone/nut is not split. The nut can be
    easily removed after one half of the fruit is separated.
    Usually the flesh does not stick to the nut.
    Scoop the flesh gently with a teaspoon (tsp). The skin is strong enough
    to allow every millimetre of flesh to be scraped. Pool the scoopings and
    scrapings of juicy avocado pulp into the salad bowl containing the
    smoothed butter. At this point one can use any convenient tool to mash
    and blend the avocado pulp and butter to a smooth consistency. I
    normally use a soup spoon. For 2 avocados, even a hand-blender can be
    Mix salt and vinegar in sequence and you have the GuacamolalaGopal to
    dip into.
    As mentioned earlier, you can add and mix the optional ingredients at
    this stage for more exquisite taste.
    You can serve it with hot rotis, parathas or puris, pakodas, or simply
    baked potatoes or potato wafers/chips.
    Go on then and happy Guacamolalagopaling!
    However, some of you may be keen on “presentation”. You can garnish with
    freshly chopped coriander/basil/persil/leaves or even spring onion
    shoots. If you feel like Indianising it, you can add “tadka” of your
    choice and composition!

      • Thanks mate! Loved your posts and am going to try them all as soon as I can lay my hands on reasonably fresh avocados. The (R) & (TM) are for fun 🙂

  25. This recipe looks great… anything with feta gains extra points. But I’ve discovered that cooking avocados can make them bitter. I generally will add them chopped to recipes in the last minute or so, just to warm them. Any experience with this… particularly for 20 minutes at 450 degrees?

    I wouldn’t mind avocados being thrown at me. I’d just wear a suit of armor and carry a big net to catch them all!

    • Thanks! I haven’t ever noticed any bitterness with cooked avocados, and I don’t think I have an inability to detect bitterness. You should be safe with this method. However, give it a whirl and let me know! A big net would definitely be useful in dealing with avocado-throwing monkeys. Perhaps this experience could become a video game as well?!?

  26. I’m kind of new to the avocado craze, but this looks worth trying.
    And it looks like one that allows for experimentation, so even better. 😉

    I’ll have to have a look through your blog to see what else you have of interest.

  27. In the both avocado-less and oven-less cooking desert of South Korea, this makes me crazed. I demand that you teleport those delicious suckers here this instant!

    • Hmmm…Well, I really want to visit Asia, so perhaps I could first go to an avocado producing region and then smuggle?!? As for the oven… how hot does it get there in the sun?!? 😉

  28. Not a huge fan of avocados in general, but I loved your anecdote at the beginning. Not only am I jealous of your high tea in Kenya, but you set such a mystic mood with your fog and your warnings. Exotic. I love it. Keep writing, you’re quite good. 🙂

    • Thanks very much! I’m glad I was able to lure you despite your distaste for avocados. Hopefully something else around my corner of the blogosphere strikes your fancy! Cheers!

  29. Looks promising. I once tried making avocado tiramisu and it turned out to be very palatable. But your recipe? Yes, I’ll try this at home. Thanks for this post.

    • Oooh…tiramisu…that’s an interesting avocado application for sure! I have some more experiments circulating in my head for our green, nutrient rich friend. Time to get moving, though!

  30. oh my goodness! i <3 avocado. Actually! Yesterday morning I made myself scrambled eggs and cheese, and I spread some avocado on a piece of wheat bagel and had that together! (it was REALLY tastey, even with a bit of ketchup with the eggs!) I think it worked because the creaminess of the avocado worked well with the eggs.

  31. I just wanted to say that when I found this a year or so ago when you first posted it, the meal became my personal favorite breakfast food. I make it for my whole family and all of my friends whenever I can. Thanks for sharing this inspiring recipe!

  32. Reblogged this on Bits 'n Bobs and commented:
    What an interesting combination! Avocado is one of my favorite foods and I LOVE the combination of feta and eggs. I definitely will try this! Love your blog.


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