December 2011

Pittsburgh isn’t a huge city by any means, and its propensity for French fries on salads and sandwiches (and maybe anywhere and everywhere else in between) really narrows the dining options for this foodie.  I also tend to obsess when I really find something that speaks to me.  Rather than call my affinity for Brasserie 33 an “obsession,” I offer a brief French lesson and a glimpse of why reviews are useful [read:  delicious], especially when my review is a first learn for my dining companion.

revoir /ʀ(ə)vwaʀ/ (conjugate⇒)

  1. transitive verb
    1. (voir de nouveau) to see [sb/sth] again;
      il ne l’avait pas revu depuis 10 ans he hadn’t seen him for 10 years;
    1. (en pensée) to see;
      je la revois encore dans sa robe bleue I can still see her in her blue dress;
    1. (réexaminer) to go over [devoir, épreuve];
      to review [méthode, action];
      to check through [compte];
      ‘à ~’ ‘go over again’;
    1. (corriger) to correct;
    1. (réviser) Scol to revise GB, to review [matière];
      to go over [leçon].

B33 Tarts
Warm Brie, goat cheese and caramelized onion tarts

I was imagining a larger tart with a softer, more pastry like crust, so while these petites were tasty, I would like to see a revamped version.

Les Huitres Rockefeller
7 Traditional oysters Rockefeller

We weren’t sure what Rockefeller had to do with oysters, but as it turns out, this preparation method included greens, ham and cheese and tasted as though the oysters had been baked.  In my quest to understand and enjoy seafood for what it is and not with what it is garnished, this version did nothing to advance my pursuits.  However, it did confirm my affinity for high quality ham and cheese combinations. 

I’ve shown you the lamb shank special and frites before, but what this photo is speaking to now is how amazing both menu items are!  A very clean bone and a few french fry scraps attest to the meal that constantly lures me to this corner of Shadyside.

Brandy + Profiterole

Our waiter told us this was his first go at plating this dessert, so I hereby declare, “well done!”  What a lovely little puff of honey drizzled divinity!  A splash of brandy made us feel like we might return home to a large fire in our library, don burgundy colored robes and maybe even smoke a pipe, which is to say, we were drinking a painted picture of the noble sort of brandy aficionado.

Voilà qui conclut notre leçon de français pour aujourd’hui.
That concludes our French lesson for today!

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