Before Their Farewell Look at PGH: The Farewell Dinner

October 2011

As I said, Heather, Jess and I went exploring a bit in between all our dining adventures.  Not surprisingly, the afternoon’s adventures put a small rumble in our stomachs, and the ladies wanted a bite to eat before the long road ahead of them.  “Is there a place where we could eat something light?” Jess had asked.  I thought about it for a minute, reviewing neighborhoods and options that would no longer be open or would offer gigantic meals or take way more time than necessary, and I finally concluded:  my dining room!

I had baked this bread while the ladies had slumbered on Saturday morning.  The advantage of having fresh baked bread in the house is the potential for a proper farewell snack/dinner… or perhaps it was more so another appentrée course?

One of my favorite flavors of fall…hot, mulled cider!

All in all, it was such an enjoyable weekend, one that helped me to enjoy my city a bit more and wish these friends could join me around my table more frequently.  I was sad to see them go, but now it’s my turn to visit Philadelphia.

Can’t wait!

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