Pittsburgh: Time To Take Another Look

October 2011

Here is where I should be inserting an embarrassing photo documenting the early days of the friendship that has come to span more than a decade.  However, here is where I am going to display a rare dose of restraint, or rather, I already have posted an “embarrassing” photo documenting earlier days in our friendship.  As I said then, Heather and I have veered wildly from the days that brought us together, and our veers have shaped us into very different people.

Yet, through it all, we have remained very good friends- very good friends with a one sided visiting record.  Granted, I have more reasons to visit Philly than Heather has to visit Pittsburgh.  My family is close to Philly.  I have multiple friends there, and I am drawn to the bigger city.  However, in nearly a decade of living here, I deserve at least one visit.  That fated time finallllllly came in October when Heather and her friend Jess loaded a Honda with clothing, pillows, blankets, enough water to survive a very dramatic flat tire scenario [did not transpire] and God knows what else.  A few cheesy pop albums later, they arrived in the Steel City.

It was time to put on my tour guide hat [sunglasses]) and see the city anew!

Ready to see and learn more about my Pittsburgh?

More to come…

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  1. jess

    dear quelcy,
    i cannot wait for the full recap!! also, i am now increasingly inspired by you to get off my ass and make things in the kitchen. do you have any suggestions for good brunch recipes?

    1. withthegrains

      Thanks, I am flattered! My strongest brunch recommendation is baked French toast. I have an entire category devoted to French toast. It’s easy and well worth the endeavor! Bon baking!

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