Blondies Have More Fun [With Bourbon]

October 2011

I once sat before an abrasive New York hair stylist, looked enthusiastically past the black leather pants on her cigarette skinnied legs, looked beyond the ill-fitting, black sweater, looked underneath the exaggerated, swooping bangs with subtle tones of auburn gleaming in the jet black color, and I said, “I want something edgy!”  I was the demonstration client for the students of the Dessange method, but apparently, I didn’t really fit the mold of their desired demo.  Abrasive New York barely took a pause from her moment of final glory to address my disappointment, “If you want ‘edgy,’ you need to use color.”

I explained to her how the purist respect I have for my body prevents me from willingly exposing my scalp to chemicals.  “Just bleach the ends then,” she retorted, and I had to admit, I hadn’t thought of that loophole.  I also have to admit, I did learn a great deal from that abrasive New Yorker (she really just wanted to come across as abrasive) such as the meaning of “occipital.”  I actually liked her despite how this recap makes it seem.

I thought about what she said, and I concluded I needed to live a little.  By following her advice, I could have my cake and eat it too, or in this case, have my color and avoid the chemicals.  Granted, I returned to the salon, and her students told me my new hair scheme was too “avant-garde” for them.  Really?  An asymmetrical boy haircut was too avant-garde?!?  I crossed the street, went to a new salon and came home with more color than my head has ever contained.


Did I have fun with my tuft o’ blonde?  I did.  Will I have fun without it?  I will.


Does all this pertain to food somehow?  It [sort of] does!  Are blondies more fun, as the saying [sort of] goes?  Well, they’re definitely more fun with bourbon!  Now, finally, we talk dessert, or rather, we let the pictures do the talking while we sit back chewing!

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