Love & Leftovers

October 2011

While the rest of us were soaking up the autumnal summer sun, Nina was stuck in her castle working to make the world move and shake.

She deserved a break, and I wasn’t ready to play inside yet.  When I returned home from the winding, country roads, I beckoned to her window.  Coffee ‘n cream and beet cake awaited!

and…BLACK VELVET (this is going to hurt)!!!  Nicole was drinking with us in spirit.

There’s a little bit of a back story to this whiskey with its strong boozy aroma and hints of mouthwash.  I once bought a black, velvet, equestrian helmet in a field.  At $12, it was a steal really.  As I tried the beautiful helmet on for size and made the “well?” face, Nina began belting out Black Velvet from across the field, in what I can only assume symbolized her nod of approval FROM ACROSS THE FIELD!!

When I say “belting out,” I mean she really specifically belted out the words “Black Velvet” and then somewhat mumbled the rest of the lyrics.  Later that day when we played the song, we realized she couldn’t recall the lyrics because wtf is this song about?!?  I sincerely hope it’s about an airplane bottle of whiskey and maybe even a cup of coffee on a stoop.

Fairy tale romance aside, I have to shout to Nina’s window because look at that phone!  It’s a mosaic!

Finally, it was time to go inside and wind down the wonderfully perfect day!

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