A Cowboy, Some Kale & A Yellow Mellow

October 2011

A very big box arrived with my name on it!  The box predicted colorful nutrients coming my way!

There it is, the newest kitchen addition:  my very own POWER juicer!

The scale figure had a hankerin’ for some fresh, nutritious juice.

I needed fruits and vegetables for my new kitchen companion, so I swapped my slippers for rain booties and faced the gray day with bright yellow on my mind.  It’s amazing what you will see when you seek the brighter side of dreariness.

Seeing the sunnier side doesn’t necessarily make me feel warmer inside, so I also took a little break for a hot cup of coffee and perhaps a spiritual awakening (via the book, not the donut…or maaaybe via the donut?!?).

Then I returned with fresh produce.
Kale + Carrots + A Golden Beet + Green Apple + Ginger = delicious and nutritious!

Do you see that lovely green design that looks like a sprig of thyme?  I might pave a new course:  juice bar barrista?  Is that a thing?  Soon, I’ll start hearts and leaves like the finest of coffee shops.

Delicious + Nutritious = Gone!

I realize that a lot of people would open their huge box, buy their produce, juice that produce and not feel the slightest urge to document the entire process [with a cowboy].  I also realize that I have long since come to terms with living in my own world. Cheers to those who appreciate these camera accompanied adventures!  Pull up a mason jar, and I’ll pour you a swig.

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