Mixed Signals?

September 2011

Remember that Saturday when I took a solo stroll?  Steeples and clouds and colors caught my eye.  There was a dress and little birds.  There was a bright beam of yellow in the window, and it wasn’t the first time that canary color caught my eye.  For a couple of weeks, I had passed the store on a near daily basis, always after hours.  At one point, I peered from all angles, trying to glimpse the price tag.  On that solo Saturday stroll, I peered through the lens of my camera and continued to pine.

Then there was a surprise!  Someone, who I didn’t even think was reading, told me he had a present for me.  First I opened a bag with a bowl and thought, “oh, useful, but why?”  Then a color caught the corner of my eye as he revealed the other half of the present.  Then both my eyes filled with tears, and I just couldn’t stop sobbing.  It was a perfect and sincere surprise, and simultaneously the saddest and happiest surprise I’ve experienced to date.  If I said anymore about the gift giver, I’d dip more onto the sad side, so let’s focus on the happiness of having ol’ yeller instead!

How smart the designers were back in the day!  The lovely lady inverts for more convenient storage… or for showing off not two but THREE mixer blades.

I now have a collection!  Where did the baby mixer come from?  Well, when two mixers love each other very, very much… their owner buys a baby one here.

Time For A Spin…

The bright yellow butter was even more beautiful once spun into a rosette!

With the yellow beauty at home, those simultaneous emotions of happiness and sadness gave me a little pang when I passed the antique shop window, where a clown now tries to find his way to someone’s home.

To the gift giver, I do indeed say thank you.  This mixer means the world to me.

PS:  Thanks Nina for the titular pun.

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  1. Didi

    I would have pangs of sadness if I found a hopeless clown looking for companionship……Let’s eat the sadness away with a little help from ol’ yeller..

    1. withthegrains

      Yes, the poor little clown. Let’s definitely eat away the sadness with the lady’s help!

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