September 2011

I mentioned how I had a plan brewing and a pique-nique all packed in a basket.  Thankfully, the blue skies and sunshine complied, and the three of us ventured to Tarentum, PA to meander amongst the aisle and aisles of antiques and flea market goods.  Here it is in all its former coal mine glory….


Lil’ lovin’ oven lust, but alas, at that price, this little guy was not meant to join my collection.

Do you think a love of antiques brought these two lovebirds together once upon a time?  I’d like to think so.

Nina sang a country song, and the vendor’s favorite part was when she sang “fuckin’ love song.”

Just past the moon potties…

… was a dream!

My new gig?

Not until I convince my friend Eric Beauregard to come hotwire the ice cream truck for me.  I told him his homemade sundaes would be on the house, and by “house,” I mean “wheels!”

Excitement escalated as it came closer to Pique-Nique time…

Stay tuned for the Pique-Nique!

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