Biscuits and Blues

September 2011

It was a hungry Saturday morning, and it was my turn to make breakfast.  Breakfast very quickly became brunch by the time I set the table with biscuits and blues…not the sad type of blues, just deep blues.. and bacon-of-the-month (from here) bacon in skinny, salty strips.

I made a new friend recently:  Rhuby.  She seemed like a peachy keen type of gal, so I paired her with local peaches and herbs for a biscuit fruit filling.
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(pre-bake biscuits)

*Note:  Fat-free buttermilk?!?  I didn’t discover the “fat-free” portion of the label until I had returned home with my groceries, and I was quite surprised to have accidentally selected such an oxy moron from a Whole Foods shelf.  Never have I known them to be a store pushing fake fat substitutes.  What was the deal?  The Whole Foods website has this to say about buttermilk in general:

Historically, buttermilk was the liquid that remained after butter had been churned, which was then exposed to airborne bacteria and allowed to ferment, acquiring the slightly sour, acidic flavor that it’s prized for. These days, the buttermilk available in supermarkets is actually a cultured product created from ordinary skim milk that’s been fermented and pasteurized.

So it seems the fat-free version isn’t as far a cry as I initially thought, and as it turned out, my taste buds still detected a really buttery flavor in the biscuits.  Full fat or fat free, it’s up to you.  I’m sure I’ll be using both in the future.

Fill in the blank.
Biscuits and _ _ _ _ _…

In my breakfast/brunch book, the answer is C R E A M!

Put it all together, and what do you get?

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