Thanks Newlyweds!

August 2011

We talk about coffee a lot and embrace our elitism while drinking crema creations or thoroughly prepped French presses.  My demerit in the snobbery world was my lack of a coffee grinder.  I had my attempts- the hand grinder whose axles or gears or whatever recreation of vintage machinery was operating in that wooden box fell into that wooden box and effectively foiled my self sufficiency.

Then there was the time I literally found $50 on the ground, proceeded to the Goodwill “boutique,” found and purchased a coffee grinder only to go home and have it very quickly fail.  Was it karma?  I hadn’t foreseen karma looking upon found money so disapprovingly.

For whatever illogical reasons, after those two failures, I just wouldn’t buy a new grinder, but luckily, years later, the newlyweds happened to have an extra wedding spoil:  a KitchenAid coffee grinder, and they said it was alllllll me!  I won’t tell your wedding guests of this regift.  Thanks for propelling me higher in the world of coffee snobbery.

This was all just in time for a ladies’ lunch!

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