Keep on Rococo in the Modern World

I had my gripes with the modern era, specifically the modern era as accessed via smartphones:  the lack of challenge fostered by instant gratification wherever the data plan is active, the useless or ill-conceived apps (“we both just took pictures at the same place.  We should be linked.”  Doesn’t this all start to sound a bit like stalking?), youTube videos interrupting the brunches I prepared with love and care, distracted friends texting away while we “hang out,” the general decline of an attention span, etc.  As a result, I was stubbornly sticking to a flip phone and becoming more and more “vintage” as the days passed.

This was no hipster intention to be ironic.  I was resisting the negative aspects of a tool, but in doing so, I felt the world leaving me in its dust.  What if I went to an interview, and the potential employer whipped out some iDevice to begin picking a time for us to meet next.  Would I impress him or her with my “throwback” phone?  Doubtful.  In considering grad programs and a future career in the design world, I knew had to keep abreast of technology.  In a recent training for work, I was embarrassed that the room full of business types, at least ten years my senior, were all manipulating smartphones, but yet, they thought I was crazy for wanting a mapping application from a psychological assessment of potential hires.  I couldn’t let these people pass me!

Travel was another incentive I had for upgrading my mentality:  directions without awkwardly pulling out a giant “I’m a tourist” map, the ability to seek more information while ambling around a new place and the chance to figure out who of my friends is potentially in visiting range.

The last large incentive (not the 3-d features believe it or not) I saw dangling on a low branch may offer a glimpse into my inner control freak (I’ve tamed her in many ways, but she is useful) and my inner productivity princess.  I wanted calendars and tasks and emails and stars to align in the palm of my hand!  I wanted to manage my life!  Yes, I said that.

Thus, when Sprint called me at a fairly inconvenient time, I sucked it up and took the long call.  Admittedly, I wanted an iPhone for pretty shallow reasons, but going the Droid route meant not having to switch phone companies, and I’ll be real:  I was being lazy!  I’ll be real again:  I really didn’t care to investigate the breadth of modern technologies available.

So it came to pass, on July 1st, a package arrived at my door ushering me into the modern world, which incidentally puts an Arcade Fire song into my head.

As I was dipping my first foot in the water, the timing seemed right to splash myself even more with modernity and maybe just a splash of shameless promotion.  That’s right world, I did what I never thought I’d do:  I joined twitter!  I did it for you, dear tweeters and blog readers!  I did it for you!

Mind you, all this modernity has made me feel ancient, ie:

Will:  “you know you’re calling me right now?”

Me:  “Ugghhhh, nooooo.  I meant to be saving you in my contacts.”

Still, look at me finding the “retro” apps and capturing my neighborhood strolls…

(I realize this is a really minor accomplishment, and perhaps having all my contacts updated to my new phone would be a more useful accomplishment, but this was way more fun.)


Dear Canon,

You are still my number one!  I will still try to take you almost everywhere I go unless where I go would risk your livelihood.


The Eye Behind You

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