Queen of Carrot Flowers (Carrot Cupcakes)

Easter 2011

Most of Easter day was gray, and I had no intention or plan to acknowledge the day in any special way, but then I took a walk and started to see signs of Spring all around me.  It has been such a long time coming.


Little Peter Concrete Tail

I pass this pathway almost everyday, but I had never stopped to smell the … pink flowers.  Today was the day.

When I took a different set of city steps to the top of my hilly neighborhood, I found the Easter bunny trail.  The trail ended in my dining room with fleurs, a fancy rabbit and baby carrot muffins.  Carrots make sense, but does anyone really know why the Easter Bunny leaves eggs for seekers to find?

The disclaimer I made prior to serving these little Easter tokens to my coworkers:  “These muffins are not affiliated with any religious holiday.  Enjoy!”

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