I Could Have Kissed Her! (Brunch in Washington DC)

April 2011

The friend who I refer to as “Eric Beauregard” asked me, “What are you doing this weekend?  Want to go to a housewarming party in DC?”

Of course!

Later than expected on Saturday evening, we journeyed in Beauregard’s bimmmmmmer, the car on which I learned how to really drive in that shifting kind of way.  Leaving late meant we made an appearance here…

This party far exceeded my expectations.  The DJs were a bit plucked from a wedding reception, but any dance floor can be salvaged when requests are granted (and when the Electric Slide is avoided).  By the time the dj played “Bulletproof,” I owned a piece of that loft:  the piece around the superfluous turntables (they appeared to be ornamentation only).

The party continued well into the night and well into a police station for one.  The sun was already showing signs of day by the time we claimed couch and cushion spaces for a wee bit of shuteye.

So that’s what this place looked like!  Somewhat groggily, we entered the city for some sunshine and the best meal of a sunny Sunday:  BRUNCH!

As we made our way through Adams Morgan, I had an Eiffel Tower memory.  Sure enough, there it was:  L’Enfant.  Last time I spotted this Tour Eiffel, I was en route to applying for a student visa for France.  Ah…memories!  This time I actually partook in the food and not just the site.

The last thing I would have expected from a French establishment would be an over-sized cappuccino, but there it was.

As I was turning around, the very French waitress/manager (?) said something to me in French.  I responded all too naturally in English, “what?” because I hadn’t heard her properly enough in my shuffle to make the linguistic transition.

“Oh, I’m sorry.  I thought you were French,” she replied.  I could have kissed her on both cheeks after those words.

Beauregard was quite blue in the sunshine, and the trees wept into my bowl of caffeine.

Poached Eggs on top of French ham and a (open-faced, toasted) croissant, champagne hollandaise , served with roasted potatoes… So so so beautiful and so so delicious!

One last meander, and then it was time to drive with the sunroof as our main exposure to the perfect day.  We made a pit stop in Frederick, MD to visit a friend of Beauregard’s, and we picked up a new driver!

Clearly, she had already surpassed my recent manual driving accomplishments and was road ready.

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