Masquerade [Bocce] Ball: A Celebration of February Birthdays

February 2011

First I sent this invite to the company…

Then I had to send this email due to a scheduling issue:

Dear All,

Once upon a time, there was a wee Wiley boy named Teddy who loved to play bocce all day and dream about it all night, when it was too dark for him to play.  He would hang his little ruddy head at that dusky hour when his mother would call him for supper and put an end to his neighborhood bocce tournaments.  On the other side of the globe, a very innovative and mad scientist shared a similar nighttime sadness, so she toiled and toiled until the momentous day when she combined the favorite lawn-sport past time with the way of the future- LEDs!  It was the dawn of a new era in bocce ball.  Meanwhile, little Ted had grown up, added a titles to his name and led a troupe of crazy thinkers in a world changing battery operation.  He also scheduled a flight home from Houston on Thursday, February 24th.  However, his love of bocce never changed.

New plan:  Masquerade Bocce Ball to take place on Friday, February 25th

This pushes the birthday extravaganza closer to Julia’s day of naissance.  She might make the connection that this date makes the party more Juliacentric.  Other February birthdays hold strong!  This is still for all of you!

See you on the turf where there are still bits of croquet to discover!

Then I baked a February birthdays cake, and I put on my bocce [masked] game face!

Soooo… someone whose name rhymes with…well, whose name is mine didn’t quite hack the pond challenge.  Not once but twice.

Luckily, there was a retrieval plan.  From the point of recovery, the game only became more interesting.

Meanwhile, in the warmer areas of the festivities, there were chips, salsa and a special serenade.

After fierce competition outside and a truly all-terrain round of bocce, it was time for the dessert celebration.

Who was going to blow out the candles?  All of the birthday kids, of course!

There were a few other February birthdays who had to leave early, so these three had a bigger candle burden to bear.

As it turns out, all those birthday cards poked into the cake were a little bit of a fire hazard.

However, the birthday kids were quick to save the day.

All that birthday fun was just too emotional for some.  Mask tears.

The Recipe:  February Birthdays Cheesecake

Last thoughts:  A glow-in-the-dark bocce ball has three settings:  solid, blinking and strobe.  Amazing!

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