Kitchen Presents

January 2011

I mentioned my frustration with a certain icing tool.  The last time I piped frosting pushed me over the edge, and I vowed to right my wrong in the world of pastry.  I sought the insight of the pastry chef from my bakery days, and then I took a walk to a local, kitchen and restaurant supply store.  Thanks Julie!  Life will be better from this moment forward.

Hello Julie!  I was just pleasantly musing over my Allegro Hearth days (minus the cold bike ride at 4am).  That made me think how you would be the perfect person to ask what has been circling in my head lately!  Do you have a good pastry bag or pastry bag kit recommendation?  I have been using this awful metal deal, and I finally hate it tooooo much to even bother with it anymore.  Thoughts?  Tell bakery people hello for me!

Honestly they are all about the same.  I really haven’t noticed a difference between the ones sold [in craft stores] and the ones I order for the bakery.  I beg of you to stop using the metal pump and return it to the 1950’s were it belongs!!! -Julie

I found another present I thought I deserved!

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