Finally F&%#ing Pancakes!

Happy New Year’s Day!

I’ve been to Austin, New Orleans and NYC for New Year’s Eve to name a few places.  I’m no stranger to ringing in the New Year with full force.  However, most of the time, I just don’t want the stress of picking something “cool” and “exciting” and worthy of ushering in an entire year.  I’m sorry Pittsburgh, but I’m just not enticed.  For 2011, I wanted something fancy without all the coordinating, the expense and the inevitable disappointment.

Instead of hitting the town, I put on my lipstick, high heels and little black dress and went to my dining room!  That dashing carpenter and I dined on brisket, roasted potatoes, boozy pears and plenty of red wine.  It was fabulous and filling, and then I fell asleep!  Ha!  I woke up or was woken up just in time to hear the countdown from my laptop and kiss that gentleman friend right as we entered a new year.  Happy 2011!

At a relatively early hour on New Year’s Day, I naturally had more energy than most party goers, so some of that energy reserve went into a brunch effort!

In my

book, it’s not a proper brunch without a sweeter element, and on this sunny morn, I really wanted pancakes.  Seems simple enough, but let me admit something:  for all the delicious baked goods I am capable of making, I have some sort of pancake disability.  I’ve made some successful tasting pancakes but I usually face the normal obstacles- how to keep a whole bunch of pancakes warm while working to the end of the batter, patience as the bubbles form, that whole flipping element, etc.  I just can’t put a pancake breakfast on the table like my mom can.  Her secret is probably in the fact that she finally eats a pancake long after all of us.  Such a saintly hostess.  I’m not willing to go that route just yet.

My last pancake experience was truly a nightmare.  I made an especially grainy batter, a far too grainy batter, a batter so grainy and heavy it just stuck to the pan and looked gritty.  I ended up throwing out the batter and throwing the dirty pots into the sink in a tantrum.  Why couldn’t I do it?!?  College boys who live off box macaroni ‘n cheese and excessively full bowls of cereal are capable of a perfectly flipped pancake.  Why was I cursed?!?

A New Year and a new start!  I used a special reserved pancake mix from Saint Vincent Gristmill, swirled butter around my skillet and willed good things to occur.

The fixings were ready and waiting:  local Amish butter, toasted walnuts, an extra reserve of pure maple syrup and extra boozy pears from our New Year’s Eve meal.

On that New Year’s Day, it all came together marvelously!

It all came together even better with scrambled eggs and bacon from the Pittsburgh Public Market, juice and coffee!  Good morning 2011!

Rarely does this happen in my world, but I joined the Carpenter’s favorite club- the clean plate club!

Quelcy:  1  Pancakes:  0

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