The Cake Companion

November 2010

Contrary to my sister’s prediction (and probably in spite of it), I did not turn to coffee for college caffeination.  Even when architecture studio projects had me awake for days, I didn’t seek the black gold to see me through the deadlines.  I sought coffee later for the experience of drinking coffee.

I started with cafe au lait.  Then I went to Argentina, and upon returning, the cafe au lait was like warm milk.  I switched to a latte for a stronger flavor.  Then I went to France, and upon returning, Pittsburgh lattes tasted like even warmer milk.  I had to request extra shots at most of my old stomping grounds.  My pickier flavor needs and fond memories of France quickly had me seeking out only the finest of the Pittsburgh coffee shops, and they do really exist!

I would occasionally percolate or press at home until I found this new friend lurking in the confines of the warehouse the carpenter calls home.  Now it’s on “loan” in my kitchen and making the very best companions to my baked goods.

I once asked an interviewee if he could make designs in steamed milk based on the barista section of his resume.  His confirmation had a big hand in his hiring (but his personality was the bigger persuasion)!  One day, I will make latte art of the finest caliber!

So it is dear friends, that now I can offer cake and a proper coffee companion to visitors.  The invitation is thus extended.

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