The Polish Hill Arts Festival + Pie A La Mode

July 2010

A year ago I had brought a peach tart to Polish Hill for a post Arts Festival celebration.  This year, we brought QT Pies to the celebration!

This year’s commute was shorter too, since I had recently changed my home front to Polish Hill.  The neighborhood’s vibe changed my whole perception of Pittsburgh, and I was excited to share some locally sourced, homemade pies and ice cream with my new ‘hood.

There was just one snafu (as my art history professor liked to say):  bureaucracy!

Having barely made it up the steep hill of Dobson Street and made one lap around the art festival, we were shut down, stopped, thwarted, closed for business.  We understood the reasoning- no food license or registration to show for our wagon pie mobile- but it still hurt.  Luckily, our good friends at Lili Coffeeshop let us hang on their corner for a bit.  We found some of our friends, and our counter culture pies and ice cream hit the spot!

The sad faces of thwarted counter culture pies and ice cream.

I’d still say our pie a la mode debut was a success!

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