Cookspeak meet Piespeak

August 2010

We made another appearance at The Waffle Shop, but this time we were the interviewees.  Tom Totin hosts a weekly segment called “Cookspeak,” and he invited us to be his guests.  According to The Waffle Shop, “Cookspeak is  an out of the box Culinary Commentary by an experienced Cook who still loves the business in spite of himself.”

We brought a fresh QT Pie and maple ice cream.

Tom brought a sweet tomato topping, a sweet jam topping and fresh melon, all in concordance with our goal to promote local ingredients.  Quite delicious!  Thanks for having us Tom!  To hear a podcast version of our show and to listen to more of Tom’s interviews, click here.  Thanks also to Dana Leigh Dolney for being our photographer for the morning event.

Talkety talk talk talk… PIE!

… a la mode.

A perfect pairing!

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