Pie Luck

June 2010

On Sunday, June 6th, 2010, the QT Pi(e) girls hosted a “Pie Luck Picnic.”  What’s a Pie Luck?  A Pie Luck was our version of a Pot Luck.  We provided pizza-pie dough and piecrusts made from local ingredients.  Our creative attendees came bearing ingredients to add to both, which we then baked, ate and enjoyed in an ambient, backyard setting.  It was a chance to wine, dine and mingle with a new mix of people, but that’s not all!

As this Pie Luck was conceived to highlight local foods, we asked our participants to document the local food they planned to bring and the exchanges they had in the process of buying it.  We equipped each participant with a disposable camera and some simple guidelines/requests.

Here is the breakdown of our requests:

The Market
Please purchase your Pie Luck ingredients at a local farmers market, farm stand, from a small vendor or through a CSA program.  You could also bring something you grew or foraged.

Tell us about how you traveled to the market.  Our hope is that you will bike or walk or roller skate- some mode of transportation with a low carbon footprint.  We’d love to see some hand drawn maps with quirky annotations and drawings (ie:  pass the house with the cds hanging on the porch, turn at the prettiest lilac bush in Lawrenceville, etc).  This is a very open ended guideline, but in the end, we’d like to include your maps and drawings in our blog and exhibit.  We’re not looking for accuracy but concepts, sentiments, mixed mediums, etc.

We’d like at least one photo of the ingredient you are going to bring to the Pie Luck, and the farmer/worker who sold it to you or plot where you picked it.   Our goal is to highlight the benefits of interacting with the people who grow our food (or the land that produced it) versus the impersonal exchanges of most commercial scenarios.  Other photos can range from the oddities on your route to market, produce varieties, interesting people, etc.  It would be great if you could map the locations where you took your photos as well.

Then it all came together…

It all came together, and it was quite the photo!  Peruse the gallery to see my photos and those of a few of the Pie Luck participants. 

For the full QT Pi(e) story, check out:  www.qtpieproject.wordpress.com

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