More Maple

May 2010

I love maple syrup!  I can incorporate it into every meal of the day if I really try and have an ample supply.  One of my dreams is to live on a farm that supplies most of my baking pantry provisions, and along with honey bees, I would definitely need maple trees!

Grizz Pappy and I went as far as to bring our own pure maple syrup to the local diner on one late night occasion.  The diner dishes out huge buckwheat pancakes with no real syrup in sight.  The waitress commended our BYOMS practice and understood our syrups standards.

I had heard about maple crumb sugar, and the chance to buy some arose through my former bakery employer.  He regularly purchased syrup from a local producer for the bakery, and I happened to spot the sugar option on the producer’s website (along with some great photos).  Maple crumb sugar from a local source?  Even better!  Thus, I had a new toy to add to my pantry of tricks.  The scent of maple from the sugar was so strong and enticing, I wanted to eat it by the spoonful, but I resisted.

First baking event on the horizon:  The Carpenter’s Birthday!  Stay tuned.

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