Buffalo Pot Pie Part Two

March 2010

When I made the first Buffalo Pot Pie, I was overambitious in my preparations of the filling.  Rather than risk an oven disaster of pot pie overflow, I set some of the buffalo meat mixture aside, froze it and saved it for a second edition (and a second heart in the dough).  When it came time to bake the second version, I added a hotter salsa and some more peppers to give the pot pie just a bit of a different twist.  

That pot pie monger man friend of mine likes to accuse me of making up pot pies that never happened in an effort to increase the tally of the Pot Pie Plan.  I offer the double heart cut outs as proof that this “part two” is indeed different from “part one.”

That pot pie monger man friend of mine likes to retort that I am capable of Photoshopping the “evidence.”  Using my Photoshop talents against me?

Though I could, I did not falsify the pot pie plan record through the use of digital, photo- editing software.  I give my word.

Case closed.  I win.

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