They Just Don’t Make ’em Like They Used To

March 2010

Preparations for a very special baking project had led me, along with my dashing carpenter-chauffeur, to the St. Vincent Gristmill in Latrobe, PA.  The dashing carpenter is like a GPS when it comes to finding antique shops and flea markets, and thus, from Latrobe, we found ourselves in the sleepy, little town of Jeannette, PA.  For such a small place, Jeannette had a lot of antiques to offer on its main drag.

I left Jeannette with a new table for rolling out doughs, a vintage mixer that not only looked great but worked like a charm and a recipe book from 1882!  I love how the recipes are often just lists of ingredients.  Whoever filled that book with her inky cursive scrawl, surely knew her way around an oven and didn’t need to fill extra pages with the step-by-step instructions.

Click on the gallery photos to see more of my Jeannette adventure and vintage kitchen additions.

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