From Pasture to Plate

September 2009

As the leaves were just beginning to change colors and paint the highway views spectacularly, the new dashing fellow whisked me away to someplace magical.  The carpenter gent had made a friend named Sara Brown back in his college days.  Sara Brown happened to be the descendant of Richard Brown, a Quaker farmer who built a farm in 1740!  The farm had stayed in the family from Richard’s time all the way until Sara’s time.  Her childhood had taken place amongst the history that predated America as America!  Then she passed her dream childhood bedroom to her daughter Hannah.  There I was playing with a wooden baking set with a charismatic little girl in a 269 year-old home while Black Angus beauties roamed the green pastures.

When it came time to make dinner, the carpenter and I were certain we wanted to try beef, and he especially desired a beef potpie.  It was a perfect idea!  I made the pie dough, and Sara made the beef, vegetable, cream of mushroom and cheese filling.  Paired with red wine, conversation and such a livable museum around us, it was a truly memorable meal.

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