August 2009

Keith and I met at a sweaty, dirty, greasy, bicycle-loving, dance party, and it sure was a swell summer time!  We spent a lot of time together that summer.  We were both funemployed and taking advantage of the staycation life.  In between tennis matches in little shorts and sweatbands (Keith’s uniform), soccer games, dips in the local watering holes, stoop dining and farmer’s market grazing, I learned that Keith had a real affinity for tassies.  I also learned how much attention he gave to his facial hair.  Conveniently enough, I had a way of combining those two Keith attributes for his 27th birthday:

27 Little Chocolate Tassies with Mustaches!

Kitchen Cliffs Notes: A whole-wheat pastry & cream cheese dough, a chunk of high-quality, dark chocolate in each pastry cup, maple syrup instead of corn and a sprinkle of sugar “stuck” in the mustache just like real life.

One thing is for certain:  27 chocolate [mush]tass[ch]ies do not last very long!  They do, however, make for a very fun photo shoot!

Happy 27th Keith!

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