A San Francisco Treat

December 2008

I was sick of the ever growing number of people telling me how much I would love San Francisco, so I went.  I went via a plane trip, a stint in Los Angeles and then a winding drive under a perfect blue sky with my old pal Jon!  That ever growing number of people had been correct.  I did love San Francisco.  I almost cried from envy when I found out the city collects compost along with the trash and recycling!  I loved a place called Mission Pie.  After months of disappointment, I finally ate an almond croissant in the U.S. that tasted exactly how a croissant amande should taste.  I didn’t have to wear enough winter layers so as to be unrecognizable.  I made a personal Mecca to Chez Panisse and tasted complex layers of flavor in a simple dish and a hearty bread.  I sipped the city’s chocolate, and I jumped in the sand.  I did love San Francisco! 

PS:  Thanks Jeanne and JT for being our hosts!

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