Christmas TREEat & Cakemen

December 2007

Doug and Regina

Shayne, Stacy, Tonya, Tosha (and me)

(Enter Michelle, Mark and Mike from stage left)

And thus you have:  Torey Elizabeth, Dalton Briggs, Danielle Bailey, Drew Branson, Dorianna, Davis, Jordan Alexis, Reagan Taylor, Corben Blake, Kinsey Lichelle, Kyle, Kourtney

Count them:  two parents, four siblings and the eleven resulting nephews and nieces.  Add the two figures, and the sum is too daunting and economically crippling for Christmas shopping.  Thus, when I returned to my roots for the holiday seasons and still wanted to make some contribution despite my lacking budget, my idea was a gift contribution that was edible, temporal and sharable and admittedly, a bit too colorful.

I shall, from this point, abstain from the use of commercial food coloring, but in the spirit of Christmas, the organic dyes just weren’t achieving the holiday spirit.  The snowmen are also what one might call “charming” on account of their imperfections.  My justification?  Separation from my typical baking arsenal!

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